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KARE manufactures and distributes sponge scrubber, kitchen scrubber, cleaning sponge and cellulose sponges with a range of features to match your demands. Since 8+ years ago, we have been committed to the advancement of Houseware technology under the motto "As it is dedicated, it is professional". The items are widely exported around the world, including Europe, Japan, US, Russia, South Korea, etc. Due to our ongoing developments of new products, consistent products quality, on-time delivery, and best-in-class prices, we have already established ourselves as the market leaders in the one of our sector. We are confident in our ability to give you with high-quality, professionally designed products thanks to our state-of-the-art production facility, formidable technological expertise, and competent production capacity. When it comes to purchasing new Houseware, KARE is also quickly becoming the go-to source for savvy shoppers.

People May Ask

Does Bamboo Require Sunlight to Grow?

The majority of people know where they want to plant their bamboo, but it's important to remember that most large bamboos (Phyllostachys) prefer five or more hours of direct sunshine. They need plenty of water, fertilizer, and defense against weeds that compete with them for resources.

Why Does Yellowing Bamboo Occur?

Excessive yellowing of the leaves on your bamboo plant could be the result of overwatering, underwatering, or starvation. Make sure bamboo is planted in well-drained soil, gives regular irrigation, and receives an annual fertilizer application of organic compost.

Can Bamboo Help with Facial Hair?

In addition to silica, bamboo has additional ingredients that make it extremely advantageous for skin: Antioxidants such as phenols, flavonoids, and vitamins C and E are abundant in bamboo. The extract aids in shielding the skin from UV radiation and dangerous free radicals.

I Have Wet Hair; Can I Use A Bamboo Brush?

Can damp hair be brushed with a bamboo brush? Indeed! We treat our bamboo hair brushes with a layer of water-resistant Carnauba wax. Furthermore, bamboo has a high moisture resistance and inherent antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

Is Bamboo Skin Safe to Use?

Research indicates that compounds from bamboo can provide skin solace. This component can aid in calming the skin following washing or shaving. Caffeine and vitamin C are added to the energizing toner along with bamboo extract. It leaves the skin feeling balanced and hydrated while also noticeably reducing the effects of weariness.

Bamboo Brushes-Do They Molder?

Indeed, if bamboo toothbrushes are not properly cleaned, mold can grow on them. Remember that bamboo promotes the formation of mold more quickly than plastic toothbrushes since it is an organic substance.

Are Brushes Made of Bamboo Hygienic?

Indeed, using a bamboo toothbrush for oral hygiene is a hygienic and sanitary practice. The toothbrush's bamboo handle resists water damage since bamboo has inherent antifungal qualities.

How Should A Bamboo Brush Be Cleaned?

Another effective method for cleaning and disinfecting your bamboo toothbrush is to use a solution of baking soda, vinegar, and water. After scrubbing the brush in the solution for ten to fifteen minutes, thoroughly rinse (and dry) it.

Can Bamboo Be Mopped?

While bamboo is more water-resistant than typical hardwood flooring, it is still a natural material composed of organic components, so if there is an excessive amount of moisture present, it may distort and develop mold. Because of this, only clean using a damp, nearly dry mop.

Is Bamboo Safe to Use Baking Soda on?

While both baking soda and white vinegar work well as standalone natural cleaners, you may combine the two to effectively remove stubborn stains from bamboo. Apply a thin layer of baking soda to the stained area. The baking soda should then be covered with one tablespoon of white vinegar.

Bamboo Sponge Products

JEBBLAS 竹制天愶吸水海绵厨房清涁海绵可懍复使用抗碗海绵粉色(8 滶装)

Non-scratch scrub sponge with odorless bamboo rayon fiber - 5 pieces - incredibly absorbent on both the soft and scrubber sides - ideal for cleaning dishes, hard stains, and surfaces (5.9 x 3.2 inches) in the kitchen

Intelligent Design 磨砂海绵带竹无味人造丝纤维 - 9 件套 - 超吸水性 - 柔软金属磨砂膏 - 清洁、餐具和硬污渍 - 厨房 - 重型 - 黄色、绿色、粉色

Brown 6-pack SUZZYVINE Reusable Kitchen Sponge, Sturdy Bamboo Sponges for Cleaning Dishes with Natural Bamboo Fiber and No Odor

Set of nine Super Absorbent Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge with Odorless Bamboo Rayon Fiber for Cleaning, Dishes, and Hard Stains in Spring Colors: Yellow, Mint, Blue

Whiffkitch 櫹海绵 4 件装磨砂 - 无刮痕 天然卫生 可水洗 超吸水用 可懍复使用 厨房和家用多任务处理 4 件装

JEBBLAS Natural Bamboo Cleaning Sponges for Kitchen and Reusable Dishwashing Sponges, Three Colors, Six Pack

Dish, Natural Cleaning, Bamboo Kitchen, and Absorbent Sponges by DADAWU Kitchen Cleaning Sponges, Nine-piece set, Various Colors

A set of three Evriholder Kitchen Sponges that are incredibly absorbent and made of sustainable bamboo fiber.

Kitchen Cleaning Sponges - UKEENOR Natural Bamboo Sponges Reusable Sponges for Cleaning Dishes Ten Packs of Absorbent Super

The Reason for China's Lead Position in Conservation International

China, the world's greatest exporter and manufacturer of commodities, is commonly referred to as the "factory of the world." It continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is recognized as the largest. China has about 241 million agricultural laborers, many of whom are very dependent on the environment in which they live and work.

Top Reviews


Goblets of wine go well with this cleaning sponge. I can't really clean the interior walls of our wine glasses because I have hands like a lumberjack. I use this with the cleaning solution Wine Enthusiast Stem Shine. Even this lumberjack can make crystal clean wine and beer glasses with that combination. According to some evaluations, this gadget is brittle. But, I don't see how you would run into any issues if you applied the force that is expected for fine crystal, people. It may not be appropriate for cleaning frying pans, but it is designated for glassware.


I’ve purchased these twice now. They operate great and last a long time. My only complaint, my husband says the color makes them look dirty. As the lead dishwasher, I can vouch for them highly.


Compared to those that are scratchy on one side and spongy on the other, these last a lot longer. Though they endure longer, these can be utilized in the same manner as the others.