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China cellulose dishcloth wholesale factory manufacturer supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Was founded in 2015 and is made up of one experienced professional and a solid executive team. Our core technicians have an average combined experience of 8+ years in the Houseware industry. We are among the leading suppliers and manufacturers of kitchen scrubber, sponge scrubber, cleaning sponge and cellulose sponges. As a result of our high quality products and outstanding services, we have gained a number of global sales networks reaching Russia, Japan, US, Europe, South Korea, etc. We have spent the last few years devoted solely to one goal: improving the quality of our offerings. As a firm that works in the manufacturing industry and commerce, we not only have the ability to develop and design for the majority of popular items, but we also sell them. With our innovative designs and affordable manufacturing technique, we're able to back companies with swagger and panache. As the Houseware market expands, our company will keep working to strengthen its foundational competitive advantages, develop a novel framework for conducting international trade, and provide society with the finest goods and services possible.

People May Ask

What Is The Price of Swedish Dishcloths?

How much you should budget for a Swedish dishcloth. Depending on the fabric, the ornamentation, and the place of manufacture, they typically cost $1 to $3 each cloth.

What Swedish Retailer Competes with IKEA?

competitors on a national level (IKEA Furniture)There is a claim that IKEA focuses on selling experiences whereas the majority of furniture merchants offer products. In Sweden, you may buy furniture from Mio Group, K-Rauta, Duxiana, EM, and Stalands Mobler.

How Durable Are Cellulose Fabrics?

sixty daysA cellulose sponge or wipe can be used repeatedly for up to six months if it's kept clean. However, if you use your sponge roughly and with frequent maintenance, it might only last a month. After each usage, carefully rinse sponges to extend their lifespan. Leave them entirely exposed to the air to dry.

How Safe Is Cellulose Sponge?

Although cellulose sponges can be sterilized using heat or an antibacterial soap, they shouldn't be used to clean up bacteria-rich substances like raw egg or raw meat juices as this might lead to harmful bacterial development.

Swedish Dishcloths: Are They Worth It?

Swedish dishcloths are excellent since you may use them over and over again. Additionally, they are constructed of organic elements that will eventually rot. A single cloth may easily complete activities that would require 50 to 100 rolls of paper towels.

What Manufacturer Makes The Wedi H Di Hcloth?

Although Wettex is the original, wedi h di hcloth is also made well by Koy, Danica, and other brands.

What Is Cellulose Used to Make Cloth?

The thin, sponge-like cloths made of cotton and cellulose fibers are known as cellulose sponge cloths, Swedish dishcloths, or European dishcloths. Usually made in sheets that are either rectangular or circular, they are rather stiff when dry and extremely flexible when wet.

Are Swedish Dishcloths Available at IKEA?

Swedish Dishcloth Sponge Dish Cloth Absorbent Ikea Plussig Pack Of 4. Details of the item New condition An item that is completely new, unopened, undamaged, and in its original packaging (where packing is...

When Should Swedish Dishcloths Be Discarded?

4 to 6 monthsHow durable are Swedish dishcloths? Swedish sponge cloths can be used for up to a year and have an average lifespan of four to six months. When compared to 17 rolls of paper towels, 1 sponge cloth can save a lot of money over time.

Where Are Dishcloths Sold in Bulk in Sweden Made?

Still today, the original sponge cloth factory in Norrköping, Sweden, produces Wettex Swedish dishcloths. The plant is the only one in the world that specialized in making these particular cellulose sponge cloths, and it is highly updated.

Cellulose Dishcloth Wholesale Products

Zhajiang Swedish Kitchen Dishcloths: 100% Reusable, Biodegradable Paper Towels and Kitchen Rags that are Eco-Friendly and Machine Washable Super Absorbent Dish Sponges, 10 Pack - Swedish Dish Cloth

Six pieces of mixed camping Swedish kitchen towels with a picnic theme and a cleaning absorbent cloth for the kitchen, bathroom, and office Replacement Paper Towels

Morigins Swedish Table Linens for Kitchen Gnomes in Spring Flowers Swedish dish towels, biodegradable and reusable kitchen dishrags, cellulose sponge cloths, and non-scratch reusable paper towels

Six pieces of Swedish kitchen dishtowels, absorbent dishtowels, and reusable cleaning sponges Dish Towels Swift Desiccation reusable Tea towels with a decorative touch Hand towel with no odor bar (bird)

JECOLE 10 Packs Reusable Paper Towels, Swedish Dishcloths for Kitchen Swedish dishcloths that compost for use in the kitchen and around the house

Reusable tablecloths for Swedish kitchen tables Pattern of Alpaca and Cactus Cleaning Cloths with Sponge Six styles of washable, absorbent dishcloth hand towels for kitchen cleaning (6 pieces)

Reusable Swedish dishcloths by Harps & Seb for the kitchen - incredibly absorbent washable dish towels with handy hanging clips - odorless non-scratch set of six cellulose and cotton dishcloths

Four reusable, absorbent cellulose sponge towels for washing dishes, cleaning counters, and general kitchen use (KAF Home Clean It Mixed Swedish Dish Cloths, All Over Lemon)

Super absorbent coral fleece cleaning cloths, reusable dish cellulose sponges, and washable, quick-drying towels are all features of the FGSAEOR kitchen dishcloths. Twelve-piece (Pink/Green)

Swedish Dish Cloths: 10 Pack, Reusable and Eco-Friendly, Ideal for Kitchen and Home Use, Cellulose Sponge Cloth, Substitute for Paper Towels & More(Combine)

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jenn c

These are excellent for wiping down surfaces, cleaning dishes, and mopping up spills. Before throwing them away, I wash them in the washing machine and use them about ten times.


Excellent product at a reasonable price. They take the place of washcloths and sponges.

kathy matthews

These are fantastic for a variety of applications. About to place another order. I first heard about these via my sister-in-law. I keep them in my salad container in the refrigerator, and they stay so crispy and dry. Oh, and eight.