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China wholesale cellulose sponge manufacturing process factory supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Is a reputable manufacturer and supplier working on sponge scrubber, kitchen scrubber, cleaning sponge and cellulose sponges research, production, marketing, and services. We are in SuZhou, JiangSu province, which has easy access to transportation. Our expert team is here to answer any questions you may have and is committed to ensuring your total happiness. The company is dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional services. 15 nations and regions are included in the global sales networks that KARE has built. Customers from all around the world including Europe, Japan, US, South Korea, Russia, etc. If you select us, you're choosing success because we'll always have the greatest tools and service ready for you. Our mission is "To be the most respected company by partners," and to that end, we work hard to guarantee that all of our clients are completely satisfied with our products, prices, and pre- and post-sale support, leading to increased sales and closer relationships with some of our clientele.

People May Ask

Which Five Phases Make up The Production of Foam?

There are several phases to the polymerization events linked to the creation of foam, including nucleation, growth, packing, stiffening, and solidification. Some of these phases are known to be more responsive to outside stimuli than others.

What Makes A Sponge Different from A Starter?

Saving a portion of the dough to add to the dough the following day is another technique to employ a starter. Bakers take great pride in the length of time they can keep a starter going—years or even decades. A sponge is an additional step in the process of baking bread. To do this, mix the water, yeast, and a small amount of flour.

What Drawbacks Does The Sponge Dough Process Have?

However, the sponge method has the drawback of increasing labor, equipment, and electricity expenses because it requires additional handling of the dough, weighing and measuring, and a second mixing.

Is It Possible to Ferment for Too Long?

Beer, it is always advised to bottle your beer within 24 hours of it being in the fermenter. You can leave it longer, but the longer it sits, the greater the possibility that it will become infected and develop bad tastes.

What Is The Processing Method for Sponges?

After being partially dried so that the surplus water is gone but the sponges are still damp, the raw sponges are first soaked in water. After that, any leftover roots or other undesirable parts are chopped out by trimming the wet sponges, which are simpler to cut than when they are dry.

Are Bath Sponges Morally Righteous?

Because sponges are animals, and since farming them or killing and removing them from their natural environment violates vegan ethics, that is why we have to give a clear-cut answer.

Can Cellulose Sponge Be Harmful?

What advantages do cellulose sponges have for the environment? When cellulose sponges are burned, a poisonous free gas is emitted and carbon dioxide is not produced during disposal since they are made without the use of chemicals like polyurethane or triclosan.

Can Cellulose Be Broken down in Water?

Carbon dioxide and water are the end products of complete cellulose biodegradation under aerobic conditions, and biomass is produced in anaerobic conditions together with carbon dioxide, methane, and water. Cellulose decomposes at high temperatures before melting and is insoluble in water and the majority of organic solvents.

Can Cellulose Sponge Be Used on A Car?

We also provide dry cellulose sponge cloth products that are excellent for wiping, polishing, and detail cleaning inside the car. On the outside of the car, sponge cloth can be used as a drying chamois. On the inside of the car, it can be used to clean up spills and remove dampness.

What Transpires When Cellulose Is Wet?

Wet Cellulose Insulation's Effects

The cellulose will sag and settle as a result of excessive moisture, which is particularly harmful in wall cavities. Your walls' upper half could be completely uninsulated due to settled insulation.

Cellulose Sponge Manufacturing Process Products

OZON ぷ绵布,叨房用瑞典抹布,可懍复使用的纤维素海绵布用于清洁,环保,无异味,可水洗和吸水清洁布(各种,10)

Design Intelligence 防刮纤维素智能磨砂海绵 - 3 件套 - 猅强吸水性 - 符合人体工程学的形 - 朅槜、礐具和硬污渍 - 水果图案 - 橙色、绿、组牲

Replacing the extra-absorbent, cellulose-coated sponge heads on the Libman Gator Mop, this 3-pack contains extra absorbent sponges.

SmilePowo 12-Piece Frog Dual-Sided Multi-Useful Cleaning Sponges, Scrub Sponges, Heavy Duty Scouring Pad Dishwashing Sponge for Kitchen, Furniture, Dish, Bathroom, and Bulk Sponges

Calypso peeling 懪然能懏

Large Cleaning Sponges Pad, 5 Pieces, 9.05 x 4.33 x 1.77 Inch, Mixed Colors, HiQiMi Car Wash Sponges Vacuum Compressed Packing for Kitchen Cleaning Washing Sponges

Car Wash Sponges: 5 pieces, Multi-Color Cleaning Scrubber with Vacuum Compressed Packing, Handy and Multifunctional Kitchen Washing Sponges

Commercial Cellulose Sponge, Scotch-Brite C31, Yellow, 4 1/4 x 6

Pack of three #3105 Extra-Absorbent, Cellulose Coated Sponge Replacement Heads for the Libman Scrubster Mop, ideal for cleaning floors and other surfaces.

The Libman 9-inch Sponge Mop Refill 3105 comes in a pack of two.

Top Reviews


What can be said? It's a sponge for grout. It prevented me from circling a large department shop in search of one. The sponge is robust and maintaining its shape as I rub the ceiling.

Consumer Type Person

This is efficient and reasonably priced. Because it isn't as dense as the more costly sponge of the same size, it dries faster and is more manageable, which is why I like it.

Curious Dude

Very high-quality sponge that does not degrade in the slightest. I cleaned floors, walls, and even the insides of some mine storage containers using this specific sponge. Unless you are using it to wipe down concrete that has nails on top, it really takes a lot to get this sponge to shred, rip, and deteriorate over time. If you have some really intense cleaning activities around your house, on generally flat surfaces, I would certainly recommend this sponge.