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China wholesale cellulose sponge supplier factory manufacturer

The headquarters of SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Are in SuZhou, JiangSu province. We are specialized in the R&D, production, and marketing of all varieties of sponge scrubber, kitchen scrubber, cellulose sponges and cleaning sponge. We have gained the self exporting authority, 90% of our production are exported to 15 and other regions, including Japan, Europe, South Korea, US, Russia, etc, etc. KARE is staffed with industry-leading experts in software and hardware development, senior design, stringent production, a powerful Operation Center, and careful after-sales service. Let us work together faithfully for common growth and prosperity!

People May Ask

What Makes Cellulose Significant?

The primary component of plant cell walls is cellulose, which aids in the plant's ability to maintain stiffness and strength. Although cellulose cannot be digested by humans, it is an important source of fiber in the diet. Clothes and paper are made from cellulose.

What Country Makes 3M Sponges?

The O-Cel-OTM and Scotch-Brite® brands of cellulose sponges are produced at the Tonawanda plant. It is the biggest sponge manufacturing factory in the world. We concentrate on producing goods that assist clean, safeguard, and improve people's homes and valuables as part of 3M's Home Care Division.

Which Four Varieties of Sponges Are There?

The four types of sponges are Calcarea, Hexactinellida, Demospongiae, and Homoscleromorpha; each kind is categorized according to the existence or nature of its spicules or spongin. While most sponges reproduce sexually, some are capable of budding and fragment regeneration.

Can Sponges Be Cleaned with Boiling Water?

The journal claimed that boiling and microwaving were the most efficient means for lowering bacteria counts from millions to a "unsettling" 1000 CFUs. The final suggestion is to boil sponges for 5 minutes because sponges can burn in a powerful microwave.

What Nation's Trademark Is Scotch-Brite?

3M America | Scotch-Brite.

Exactly Who Makes Scotch-Brite Sponge?

The abrasive product line 3M Scotch-Brite is made by 3M.

What Kind of Sponges Are Most Prevalent?

The phylum Porifera, which is made up of four different classes and includes the Demospongiae (the most diverse and home to 90% of all living sponges), Hexactinellida (rare glass sponges), Calcarea (calcareous sponges), and Homoscleromorpha, is where the 8,550 or so living sponge species are classified scientifically.

What Advantages Does A Cellulose Sponge Offer?

The tiny holes of cellulose sponges, which are comprised of wood pulp, assist them to absorb liquid and hold it inside for simple cleaning. These sponges perform admirably on kitchen surfaces, bathroom counters, and ordinary spills.

What Exactly Are Cellulose Sponges?

Cellulose, also known as non-petroleum, recyclable vegetable fiber, is used to make cellulose sponges. This natural material is 100% derived from wood fibers, which are then processed into wood pulp, making cellulose sponges much more environmentally friendly than plastic.

Are Cellulose-Based Scotch Brite Sponges Used?

Each Scotch-Brite Scrub Sponge has a sponge side comprised of cellulose, a substance obtained from renewable wood pulp.

Cellulose Sponge Supplier Products

Non-Scratch Scrubby Sponges, Multicolor, Casabella Kitchen (Pack of 3).

Compressed cellulose facial sponges for facial cleansing that are 100% natural and biodegradable (50 count/white) are available from Charleston Roads.

Scotch-Brite ocelo Big Sponge, Various Colors, 12 Count, 7.7" x 4.2" x 1.5" (Pack of 1)

Dishwashing Kitchen Scrubber Made of Compressed Wood Pulp, 5 Pack Reusable Cleaning Sponges Non-Stick Double-Sided Cellulose Dish Sponges for Kitchen, Fruit, and Vegetable

General-purpose large turtle back cellulose sponge box, Kraft Tool PL600L

Eco-Friendly Scrub Sponges for the Kitchen, Natural Sponge Biodegradable 12 Pack, Compostable Sponge, Odor Free, Non-Scratch.

Multicolored Microfiber Mix Reusable Cellulose Sponge Cloth with Flowers, 7.5" X 6.75"

Blueland Cloud Cloth is a 9-pack of Swedish dishcloths that are made of all-natural cotton and plant cellulose and are reusable, ultra-absorbent, and perfect for washing dishes and wiping down counters.

Heavy Duty Kitchen Cleaning for Months with the SCRUBIT Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge, Manufactured from Strong Cellulose (12 Pack)

Fits All Scotch-Brite Dishwands, Scotch-Brite Greener Clean, Non-Scratch Dishwand Refills, 14 Count (Foam Color May Vary)

Top Reviews


I'm an expert at applying dressing to tires because I work as a car detailer.

Sloane Merrick

I don't often evaluate products, but these are brilliant. It saves you so much paper waste, but I have no idea how it's created or what technology it uses. Also excellent for cleaning streaks from windows, mirrors, and other surfaces. I find it incredible how much water they can hold.


These have only been used once for cleaning, but so far they appear amazing. They dry out mostly soon after being wrung out, are extremely absorbent, and can withstand being repeatedly wrung out. Even though I haven't washed them yet, they appear sturdy. I've used them to scrub a lot and haven't run into any problems. fantastic substitute for paper towels.