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Wholesale china konjac sponge factory manufacturer supplier

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People May Ask

Is Konjac Ponge Healthy for My Family?

Natural Exfoliants Include Konjac Ponge.The Konjac ponge's exfoliating power will be enhanced by frequent use. It is also great for clearing clogged pores and may be used in conjunction with a face wash to thoroughly clean your skin, which is especially helpful for those with skin that is prone to acne.

Why Is Konjac Prohibited in Europe?

Although the product is meant to be sucked out of the container and eaten by gently squeezing it, a customer may do so accidentally with enough force to lodge the food in the trachea. Konjac fruit jelly was outlawed in the European Union and Australia due to this risk.

Do You Wash Your Konjac Sponge with Soap?

Konjac sponges, when used with soap and water, will remove more makeup than cleaning your hands by themselves, according to Fusco. You can even use one to remove mascara by sweeping it about your eyes. The konjac sponge gently exfoliates your skin, removing any last dead skin cells and revealing a smooth, radiant complexion.

What Causes The Fishy Scent of Konjac?

The use of calcium hydroxide as a coagulant agent during manufacture is what causes the fishy smell. This was explained in my post about Konnyaku steak. However, there is a solution to get rid of the odor. 97% of Konnyaku is water.

What Konjac Ponge Am I?

You should use Kuu Konjac with Added French Green Clay. Green clay has a remarkable ability to absorb. It is full in minerals and essential oils that exfoliate, clean, smooth, and frequently the skin while absorbing oil and grease from the skin.

In Europe, Is Konjac Prohibited?

Since their texture is regarded to make them a choking hazard, especially for children, jelly candies that include the gelling ingredient konjac are prohibited in the European Union, Australia, and many other nations. Miniature jelly cups with peel-off tops are among the goods with konjac that are most frequently prohibited.

What Is The Finest Skincare Line for Sensitive Skin?

La Roche-Posay Sensitive Skin Micellar Cleansing Water. The Miracle Ceramide Mochi Collection by TONYMOLY. Use First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. Dry skin can benefit from Vichy Aqualia Thermal Face Cream Moisturizer. Hydrating Moisturizing Cream from Cetaphil. Skin Renewing Night Cream from CeraVe. Vital C Hydrating Anti-Aging Serum from Image Skincare. More things...

Is Konjac Required to Be Chilled?

Because the jelly, which is contained in a miniature cup, can be consumed anywhere without refrigeration, they are a kid favorite.

What Drawbacks Are There to Eating Konjac Noodles?

Burping, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and upset stomach are typical ones (Wharton, 2019). Although they are uncommon, more serious responses have occasionally been reported. For instance, supplements may swell within your digestive system and result in a blockage.

Is Konjac A High-Carb Food?

This is because each serving has 0 net carbohydrates due to its extremely low carb content. According to the notion, those few carbohydrates are high in fiber and pass through your body unabsorbed. Konjac may also be present in your baked gluten-free foods.

China Konjac Sponge Products

Eight pieces of China Konjac Sponge set for body care, featuring a variety of colors in a round wash flip design. This exclusive collection is perfect for 100% face wash satisfaction. Get yours now for only $9.99 ($2.50/Count).

NEPURE Korean Exfoliating Washcloth: Enjoy big-sized luxury with 5 colors in this China Konjac reusable body scrubber. Indulge in cleansing for dry skin at $13.99 ($2.80/Count).

CasaVida's Exfoliating Shower Towel: Experience the luxury of a China Konjac washcloth for exfoliation with this set of 3 sponges. Elevate your bath routine for just $6.99 ($2.33/Count).

SILSTAR Professional Konjac Sponge for Face: Achieve wonderful cleansing for dry or mature skin with this China Konjac floral green bath sponge. Elevate your skincare routine for $11.99 ($2.40/Count).

Naroa Natural Sea Sponge: Embrace eco-friendliness with this unbleached China Konjac shower body scrubber. The renewable choice for healthy skin, available for $7.99 ($1.60/Count).

Teami Pore Refining Face Sponges: Enjoy the benefits of China Konjac in this bundle of 3 sponges. Exfoliate and cleanse with Teami quality for just $9.99 ($3.33/Count).

MY Konjac Sponge: Experience the purity of real Green Tea with this all-natural China Konjac facial sponge. Gently cleanse your skin for $10.99 ($2.20/Count).

EcoTools Facial Konjac Turmeric Sponge Scrubbers: Elevate your skincare routine with this set of 6 China Konjac Sponges. Eliminate extra oils for a radiant look. Grab yours now for $14.99 ($2.50/Count).

NORI KONJAC SPONGE Face Lavender: Immerse yourself in the natural fiber goodness suitable for all skin types. This vegan sponge offers daily cleansing and exfoliating properties. Pamper your skin for just $8.99 ($1.80/Count).

Konjac Wash Face Flutter Set: Uncover the luxury of 8 pieces of China Konjac Sponges, round-shaped and 100% pure, perfect for exfoliating and deep pore cleaning. Elevate your daily face cleansing ritual for only $12.99 ($2.50/Count).

Why Opt for China Konjac Sponge for Hygienic Dishwashing?

Choose China Konjac Sponge for hygienic dishwashing due to its natural antibacterial properties, ensuring a germ-free kitchen and a safe environment for your utensils.

Top Reviews

Tatiana Lokh

Whoa! I adore this sponge! It leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean and smooth and clears up outbreaks that nothing else could. Given how well it works, I would absolutely use this in conjunction with a facial cleanser from the same line! I wish I had discovered this sooner since I adore it. So far, this is the best that I have tried! It has undoubtedly improved the appearance of my skin!

Pamela Moreno

This sponge is really great; in my opinion, it's the greatest of its sort thus far. really soft, produces a ton of foam! adore it


This is how I've never used it before. The fact that I enjoy this sponge's overall feel and functioning surprised me a little. - I enjoy the simple packaging; - the ergonomic form is comfortable in the hand and makes it simple to wash your face in circular motions; - using this sponge has allowed me to take my time; - using it has been a soothing nighttime routine and a pleasant morning routine. hardly a strong scent, hardly a scent at all. soft on the visage Will most certainly buy this again.