“Over the years, people have been pursuing a greener lifestyle, and we challenge ourselves to develop more environmentally friendly products and understand the real needs of customers.”

China wholesale cleaning sponge manufacturers factory supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Started from 2015 and is specialized in manufacturing cellulose sponges, kitchen scrubber, cleaning sponge and sponge scrubber. Our company offers variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands. 15 nations and areas around the world, including Russia, Europe, Japan, US, South Korea, etc, etc., are covered by the sales networks. KARE's mission over the past few years has been to offer their clients Houseware products and solutions that are both high-quality and high-performing thanks to their integration of demand analysis, product design, production, marketing, and service. In order to expand our market in the coming years, we will focus on developing great and innovative products. We will also strengthen our internal technical strength, adopt advanced manufacturing technology, and improve product quality in order to strengthen our market competitiveness and meet the diverse demands of customers worldwide.

People May Ask

From whence do we get sponge?

Many types of sponge can also be found in fresh water and estuaries, while the majority are found in the ocean.

Scrub Daddy sponges are produced by who?

3M purchased the business in August 2008. Krause had developed a line of sponges that 3M was not interested in buying, so they remained in his facility. Krause cleaned his dishes and outside furniture using the remaining sponges five years later. Krause claims that at this point, he "realized his multi-million dollar idea."

What's the origin of bathroom sponges?

Animal bones make up the natural sponges we use for baths. Bath sponges are constructed of a highly porous network of collagen-based fibers called spongin. Cutting the expanding sponges, then soaking the chopped pieces in water until the flesh rots away, yields the skeletons.

The Miracle Cleaning Sponge is what?

Product informationThe Miracle Cleanse Sponge clears impurities from pores and polishes them, leaving skin that is soft and even enough to apply makeup evenly.

Can you recycle cleaning sponges?

You can put 100% plant-based or 100% cellulose sponges in the compost or recycle bin. Sponge additives such as polyfill and two-sided sponges with a plastic scouring pad attached cannot be recycled or composted.

What is the price of a Scrub Daddy sponge?

In reality, with sales of more than $100 million, it is the most lucrative product in Shark Tank history. The precise size of Scrub Daddy's fortune is unknown. The company is estimated to be worth roughly $50 million, despite the fact that producing the remarkable sponge only costs about $1.

How many sponges have you sold, Scrub Daddy?

$25 millionAaron currently holds the title of Shark Tank US's greatest financial success. His groundbreaking smiley-faced cleaning sponge Scrub Daddy has sold more than 25 million units, and the business is now valued at more than US$170 million.

Who in the US produces the most sponge?

Acme has grown to be the leading distributor of natural sponges in the US throughout the course of its 79-year history.

What is the origin of cleaning sponges?

Everyday Cleaning Polyurethane, a petroleum-based component used to make sponges, indicates that standard sponges are created from plastic that is based on oil.

How is the cleaning sponge made?

Vegetable cellulose, polyurethane, or polyester can all be used to make synthetic sponges. For their abrasive side, polyester sponges contain polyurethane. Dishwashing sponges made of polyester are more frequently used and are typically soft and yellow. During use, kitchen sponges may release microplastics and nanoplastics.

Cleaning sponge manufacturers Products

Scratch-free Cleaning Scrub Sponges for Facial Scrubbing, Dishwashing, Kitchen, Bathroom, DIY Crafts, and More: Multi-Use Cellulose Compressed (6 Pack)

Eco-Friendly Disposable Cleaning Sponge Sheets from Simpleco - Roll Type Dish Scrubber Sheets - Plant-Based Sponges for Dishes - Paper Towel Format Sheets - 2-Roll

Glass/Dish Sponge by Libman (Pack of 3)

Cleaning Reusable Sponges for Removing Dirt, Dust, Soot, Pet Hair from Window Shades, Artwork, and Other Surfaces, 4 Pcs. Lamp Shade Sponge

Pink multipurpose scrub sponges from Okleen. produced in Europe. 4.3x2.8x1.4 inches, 9 Pack. Heavy-duty, non-scratching fiber with no odor. Scrubber that is both sturdy and delicate for use in the kitchen, bathroom, house, and outdoors.

19ft x 6in x 0.3in (6m x 15cm x 8mm) Green Scrubbing Pad Roll Medium Duty Abrasive Scrub Sponge Scouring Pads Economy Size Hard to Scrub Stains Pan cleaning utensils stoves Vanity Sinks Grills

Circular and soap-shaped silicone dishwashing brush pad double-sided silicone brush for kitchen dishes, fruits, and vegetables, 8 Pieces Silicone Sponge Silicone Scrubber Dish Brush Cleaning Sponges

Dr.WOW 6pcs/lot Wizard Cleaning Carborundum sponge Eraser Nano Sponge Washing Kitchen Tool Sponge Brush Household Cleaning Supplies Emery Cleaner 3.94 * 2.76 * 0.98in

Delicate Pattern Lamp Shade Cleaner, Non-Washable Cleaning Sponge, and Sparkle Plenty Lampshade Cleaner

Sanding Sponge Block Sponges Blocks, VizGiz 3 Pack Furniture Buffing Sandpaper Pad Polish Sponge Home Cleaning Non-Scratch Scrub for Cleaning in the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Car Abrasive Grit Brush

Top Reviews

Carmelita Espinosa

These were my initial purchase roughly three years ago. Every day at work, I use two metal bottles: one for water and one for coffee or tea. For the past 2.5–3 years, I have cleaned the coffee/tea container with them every day. These not only eliminated stains that had been in some tumblers for years before I used these, but tumblers that were years old are still pristine and odor-free. From the moment I received them, these were placed on my sink caddy next to my sponge and dish brush. I came here to purchase a new set today because one of my two beans cracked open at the seam and the spheres fell out. They peered, but all they could see was the seamhole.

Helen M. Rogers

When I use these sponges to wash dishes, they don't hold on to smells, which is why I enjoy them.