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China wholesale custom loofah factory manufacturer supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Is a company who is specialized in the Houseware industry. KARE is a professional manufacturer and exporter on sponge scrubber, kitchen scrubber, cellulose sponges and cleaning sponge in China. Through the concerted efforts of all the staffs, KARE has distributed its products to 15 countries and regions, including Japan, US, Russia, South Korea, Europe, etc, and become an important Houseware manufacturer perfectly integrating appearance and performance. KARE will focus more on product innovation in the future and increase its investments in building a scientific human resource system to give consumers the finest service and goods possible while concurrently growing with their customers. Our goal is to improve the quality of life for people now and in the future by becoming the company of choice for our customers, our market partners, our employees, and the communities in which we operate.

People May Ask

Which Is Better, A Loofah Or A Washcloth?

Loofahs are significantly more likely to harbor bacteria than washcloths, which is why washcloths are far superior. One of the best ways to prevent bacterial, viral, and even infectious disorders such as COVID-19, colds, and flu is to practice good personal cleanliness.

Are Loofahs Made of Plastic Bacterially?

While this makes it an excellent instrument for cleaning, Dr. Frieling points out that the same fibrous substance also provides an ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. This also applies to synthetic loofahs, albeit the growth of germs might take a little longer in these cases.six days beforehand

How Can I Wash My Loofah without Using Bleach?

We get this question all the time, so you're not alone! Our best experience has been soaking sea sponge or natural loofah in a solution of warm water and baking soda every two weeks. One (1) cup of warm water needs one (1) spoonful of baking soda. -In a space with ventilation, let the sponges air dry.

How Frequently Should Your Loofah Be Changed?

Begin by changing it frequently—every two months for a plastic pouf and every three to four weeks for a natural kind—according to dermatologist and RealSelf writer Sejal Shah, M.D., who practices in New York.

Is A Smelly Loofah A Negative Thing?

The Cleveland Clinic suggests changing your loofah once every three to four weeks. You should discard your loofah immediately if there are any indications of mold growth or a persistent musty smell. Never use a loofah in your genital area if you wish to prevent the transmission of bacteria.

Which Shower Head Is The Cleanest?

In terms of easily cleaned instruments, Dr. Garshick says a washcloth is the best choice. "A washcloth can be a nice option cause for many people those are more likely to be thrown in the laundry," she explains. After a week, make sure to throw it in the laundry and hang it somewhere it can dry completely between uses.

Which Product Is The Most Hygienic for Body Washing?

According to Dr. Greiling, "[Water is excellent] at removing perspiration, dust, and everyday lint from our surroundings, [while] soap is really good at drawing oils out of the skin."

Do Loofahs Offer Better Hygiene?

"None of them are essential," says Dr. Mudgil. If you must choose, wash cloths are superior than loofahs as long as you use them just once before cleaning them. Both can harbor bacteria, but because of all their "nooks and crannies," loofahs are far more likely to do so.

Do Loofahs Merit The Cost?

The advantages: Shower loofahs share several advantages with washcloths. In particular when you struggle with dry skin in the winter, they can offer excellent body exfoliation. In the shower, using loofahs can improve circulation and facilitate the release of oil and other impurities from pores.

Is Plastic Preferable to Natural Loofah?

Choose a natural loofah alternative to reduce the risk to your health and the environment. Natural loofahs, in contrast to bath poufs, are made from the Luffa gourd plant and have no plastic at all. They are the ideal exfoliating tool to use in the shower because of their naturally abrasive texture.

Custom Loofah Products

Bath Sponges, Exfoliating Mesh Pouf Bath Ball Body Scrubber for Kids, Small Size, Colorful, Pack of 8.

Caviotess Unicorn Bath Mesh Shower Ball Pouf Loofahs Body Cleaner for Kids and Exfoliating Bath Sponge

Compared to traditional loofahs, the Avilana Exfoliating Silicone Body Scrubber (Lavender) is easier to clean, lathers well, lasts longer, and is more hygienic.

5 Piece Set Splendora African Net Sponge | "3 Exfoliating Washcloth" & "2 XL Body Scrub" with Rope | Easily Cleanable, Durable, Effective Lather & Superior Hygiene Compared to a Conventional Loofah

Body Scrubber Brush for Cleaning and Smoothing Skin - Scrubbies that Remove Excess Oil and Dirt - XXL 90g Charcoal Shower Loofah 3 Pack by Tilcare - Ideal Bath Sponge for Exfoliating for Men & Women

Two-piece luxuriously soft bath body shower sponge, ideal for removing dead skin, this spa-scrub bath sponge is perfect for adults, kids, and expectant mothers.

4.7" each, Super Exfoliating Home Spa Weave Loofah Shower Sponge Pouf Mesh Brush - Bath Spa Puff Scrubber Ball - Face Body Poof - Rich Foams Bubble Four-piece set

Six pieces of multicolored bath shower loofah pads, sponge mesh shower balls, and shower scrubber balls with flower bath balls for exfoliating the body.

Urbanstrive XL 75g Soft Shower Loofahs Balls for Body Wash Accessories for Men, Women, and Bathrooms, Single Pack, Black

Suitable for both men and women, this 2-pack loofah sponge back scrubber is an exfoliating bath sponge on a stick shower scrubber for the body.

Top Reviews


I've consistently utilized the mesh scrubbies. I made the decision to give things a try. I cherish them. It's a good size. They are slender, yes, but I enjoy that. Unlike a larger scrubbie, they manage to get all the nooks and crannies clean. I do notice that I hold it the other way around from where the strap is on the back. They dry more quickly and rinse clean. Yes, instead of that tiny loop, I wish they had come with a ribbon or rope to hang them. I added something of my own.

Lost in the Crowd

A decent loofah is the one item I absolutely cannot live without for creating a fantastic lather in the shower! These loofahs in charcoal gray are just what I needed! With my body wash, they create a nice lather and are simple to rinse off. The first one hasn't broken yet, and they last a very long time. They are nicely priced, and I adore how they are wrapped in a trio of zipper bags.


These loofahs are fantastic. The three-pack is a significant bonus. To give my kids something to look forward to when having a shower, I ordered these for them. They have an excellent texture and produce a wonderful lather. Fantastic three-pack!