“Over the years, people have been pursuing a greener lifestyle, and we challenge ourselves to develop more environmentally friendly products and understand the real needs of customers.”

China wholesale Custom sponges factory manufacturer supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Has 8+ years of production experience in China and is specialized in the manufacturing and selling kitchen scrubber, cleaning sponge, sponge scrubber and cellulose sponges. 15 nations throughout the world, including those in Japan, Russia, South Korea, Europe, US, etc, buy our products. KARE's goal is to become the go-to source for Houseware while also realizing a win-win situation for both the company and its customers, as well as exceeding the expectations of its distributors. Our mission is to become an internationally recognized leader in the Houseware industry. Accelerate design and development by simplifying complex processing "is our commitment to becoming the most satisfying service provider for all users, and we believe that with your help, we will succeed.

People May Ask

What Kind of Material Is Best for Ponge?

Material. Although there are many different types of ponge available, cellulosic and microfibre ponge are currently the most common choices. Since they are composed of plant-based fiber, celluloe ponge are actually more environmentally friendly than other materials.

Who Are Crub Daddy's Competitors?

Libman, Ca abella, Kaivac, and Evriholder Product are some of crub Daddy's rivals. Crub Daddy is ranked first out of 35 opponents.

How Long Can You Keep Going?

Reusable ponge, which are made of materials like microfiber and cotton, may be thrown in the washing machine and will last for months as opposed to only a few weeks. Reusable ponge al o are a better choice for the health of your family because they don't warm with strange chemicals.

Cooks Are They Cleaning As They Go?

In professional kitchens, the majority of chefs adhere to the "clean as you go" rule to keep clutter from accumulating to an intolerable level and to prohibit even the most efficient cook from working efficiently as they chop, grill, and plate throughout the evening.

Why Do Chefs Always Have A Knife on Them?

It appears that the custom of having to bring your own knife originated from a particular chef's preference. A professional chef named David Collier told Eater that it was "a very personal expression of not only your dedication to what you are doing, but as well to your own personal preference."

Do Natural Ponge Merit The Price?

A natural sponge can live for 2 to 6 years if properly cared for. They represent a far wiser investment than a cheap, synthetic towel. You'll not only save money over time, but you'll also cut down on the waste you produce. And by doing so, you practically eliminate your environmental footprint.

Why Is My Daddy So Well-Liked?

One of the unique characteristics of the crub Daddy is that its texture varies according on the water's temperature. In cold water, it is hard and unyielding to help remove debris, while in warm water, it is usually malleable and flexible to behave more like a gentle ponge.

What Is The Process for Making A Ponge?

The process for making ponge involves heating a Teflon or silicone mold to a temperature between 60° C. and 70° C., adding a mixture of a plastic material and a reagent, letting the mixture sit for longer than 30 minutes, and then removing the finished ponge from the mould.

Should I Use A Knife That Has Been Sharpened?

The knife blade must be thoroughly cleaned both after sharpening and before use. The blade that the teel ha removed will still have little, even microscopic metal particles attached to it. To avoid pot and rusting, clean your blade by hand, don't let it soak in any liquid, and dry it right away.

Sponge Cleaners Are They Alive?

Nowadays, most cleaning sponges are made of plastic or cellulose. Real sponges are actual live things. Their adaptable protein skeletons were first used to make cleaning and bath sponges. Simple aquatic creatures make up true sponges.

Custom Sponges Products

The sponge cartoon-themed 2 inch, two-piece laser-engraved wood herb spice coffee crusher

The product is a pack of twenty yellow, biodegradable, individually wrapped, non-scratch kitchen cleaning sponges with a scouring pad made of cellulose coconut that is environmentally friendly.

The Best Dishwasher, Real Fred, Foam Finger Kitchen Sponge, Blue

With a long handle of 35 inches, the WIHQIBVCE 4-Sponge Scrub Cleaning Brush is a long-lasting kitchen sponge that doubles as a cleaning sponge for baseboard showers, bathrooms, and bathtub tile dishes.

Scotch-Brite Non-Scratch Scrub Sponges, 12 Scrub Sponges, for Washing Dishes and Kitchen Use

Dr. WOW Magic Cleaning Sponge Supports Custom Model Sizes Metal Leather Bathtub Floor Furniture Melamine Foam Cleaner Pads for Dishes

Carborundum Sponge Nano, Individually Wrapped Sponge Emery Sponges Stone Pot Dishwashing Sponge, Rust Odor-Free Sponge Wipes for Kitchen, Eraser Grit Scouring Pad Brush (15 Pack)

WeMixx Swedish Dish Cloths - Set of 6 Personalized, Reusable, Absorbent Hand Towels for Kitchen - Reusable Cleaning Wipes, Cellulose Sponge Cloth, Variety

Personalized Construction Materials BetterBilt Microfiber Cloth Cloth

Compressed cellulose sponges, a natural non-scratch sponge for kitchens, bathrooms, and cars, with 12 cleaning scrubs and amusing cutouts for kids to make at home (yellow)

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Just as good as Debbie Myers's now prohibitively priced sponges.

Myrna Rosado

For the money, the sponges are worth it. They are incredibly robust. I have no grievances.


Do your sponges begin to smell even a week later? Try washing them well to ensure they don't smell, but does it still happen? YOU MUST HAVE THESE. These are essential in your life. When I used to buy the brands from the grocery store, I would rinse and rinse and rinse some more—you get the idea—while standing at the sink after doing the dishes. My problem was constantly there, to no use. These are odorless. At all. I continue to attempt to extract as much as I can since I think it might make each sponge last longer. I discovered the "Odor Resistant" Lysol brand. Despite my lack of faith, I chose to give them a go. They were successful! And then, because life happens sometimes, they weren't available. Then, these were suggested products on KARE.com. There was music, I swear, and they resembled a beacon of light. I was so excited that I bought them in a flash, even paying the $2.99 to have them delivered TODAY. You guys will never turn back.