“Over the years, people have been pursuing a greener lifestyle, and we challenge ourselves to develop more environmentally friendly products and understand the real needs of customers.”

China wholesale natural luffa factory manufacturer supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Is specialized in products for cellulose sponges, sponge scrubber, cleaning sponge and kitchen scrubber in SuZhou, JiangSu province. KARE features state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, a full complement of testing tools, and devices. US, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Russia, etc, and other regions have purchased our items. The operating tenets of "customer primacy, mutual advantages," and "technology innovation, professional manufacturer, and sincere service" are those that KARE upholds. Our company is founded on quality. Eventually, thanks to our high-quality products and stellar reputation, we'll topple the global leaders in the Houseware market. Our entire team is committed to meeting your requirements. We want to partner with you to establish global brands and dominate the Houseware market.

People May Ask

How Should A Natural Loofah Be Cleaned?

To eliminate bacteria and germs, soak your loofah in diluted bleach for five minutes once a week. Use natural essential oils. Essential oils have antibacterial qualities that inhibit the growth of microorganisms. Additionally, they don't include any irritants or harsh chemicals, which is advantageous for the environment and your skin.

Japan: A Sustainable Nation?

But over time, Japan transformed its reputation by enacting recycling regulations and achieving a balance between its profile as a highly industrialized country and its priority for sustainability. It is presently regarded as the eleventh most sustainable nation in the world.

Can Luffa Be Grown Easily?

Luffas prefer full sun and soil that is rich in compost or well-rotted manure that is both well-drained and moist. They are cultivated in a similar manner as winter squash or hard-shelled gourds, and their very long (30 feet is not uncommon) vines require a lot of space to spread out or a strong trellis to climb over.

When Loofahing in The Shower, How Long Should You Use It?

The Cleveland Clinic advises discarding your loofah every three to four weeks. Get rid of your loofah as soon as you notice any mold growth or a persistent musty smell. Use your loofah sparingly in your genital region if you don't want to risk spreading bacteria.

What Is The World's Cleanest Nation?

Denmark. Denmark is the cleanest and greenest country in 2020, earning an overall EPI score of 82.5. The excellent ratings Denmark received in a number of categories, such as Wastewater Treatment (100), Waste Management (99.8), and Species Protection Index (100), make it stand out.

Do Loofah Plants Self-Pollinate?

1. Pollination: Although the luffa gourd typically produces a 10:1 ratio of male to female flowers, pollinators are primarily responsible for pollination. Female flowers often fall off if pollination does not take place, though they may initially flourish and then do so.

Can Yeast Infections Be Spread by A Loofah?

Green affirmed, "[You distribute the microorganisms that you cleaned off your body the last time. According to expert J. Mathew Knight, "the loofah is distributing yesterday's dirt back on your body. Additionally, the natural loofah or plastic mesh sponge may become contaminated with mold and yeast.

Why Do I Smell after A Shower Again?

Hormones, the food you eat, infections, drugs, or underlying medical disorders like diabetes can all affect how you smell. Medication or prescription-strength deodorants may be helpful.

How Should You Prepare A Loofah?

As you can see, it's currently quite difficult, so all you need to do is make sure it's damp before moving on to step two.

Is Luffa Profitable to Sell?

It is profitable to grow luffas.

We easily collected hundreds of them, sold them at the Farmers Market for the duration of the winter. They're a welcome addition because they're a simple cash crop.

Natural Luffa Products

杢惨丝瓜垫去角质刷,天然路法面惨清洁垫海绵去角质磨砂刷,6 件装,怂用于身体ƃ惨歼皮清洁,怂合男士女士沐浴 SPA 按摩

叻秒质天状丝瓜瓤背惨洗涤器(大号), Zenidoo 丝瓜瓤垫身体磨砂器男女适用,懇用环保和可生物晍解的淋浊丧瓧制戞

Improved skin health for men and women through massage with the Naroa Natural Back Sponge Scrubber for Shower | Long Handle Dry Brushing Sponge on Stick Detachable Head Exfoliates

6 只装丝瓜海绵套装包括 5 只装去角质丝瓜洁面垫,1 件大号去角质沐浴露/沐浴丝瓜身体磈怂用(100% 天然)

African Net Long Net Bath Sponge Exfoliating Shower Body Scrubber Back Scrubber Skin Smoother, Perfect for Daily Use (Blue, Black, Off-White) – UJFQBH 3 Pieces

Unbleached, 6 pieces of organic natural loofah sponge in bulk, this eco-friendly deep clean exfoliating bath scrubber is perfect for adults, men, and women who take showers and care for their bodies.

Luffa Sponge (Short), Loofah Back Scrubber, 2 Loofah Pads for Deep Clean & Invigorate Your Skin, 4 in 1 Exfoliating Natural Loofah Back Scrubber Set, Loofah Exfoliating Scrubber Set for Women and Men

Pads for Exfoliating Loofah (Pack of 8) by AVESEL - Size: 4x6; Material: 100% Natural Luffa and Terry Cloth Men's and women's yellow Loofa Sponge Scrubber Body Glove (Loofah-08)

Three fancy pine loofah sponges for exfoliating skin that are 100% natural, organic Egyptian luffa cylinder shower loofahs that are customizable, hard to soft, and effective in reducing cellulite.

This 6-piece set of 3.15-inch exfoliating loofah sponge pads and facial loofah brushes is made entirely of natural luffa body and facial scrub pads for men and women's personal skin care in the bath, spa, and shower.

The Reason for China's Lead Position in Conservation International

China, the world's greatest exporter and manufacturer of commodities, is commonly referred to as the "factory of the world." It continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is recognized as the largest. China has about 241 million agricultural laborers, many of whom are very dependent on the environment in which they live and work.

Top Reviews


To begin with, I would like to clarify that I am a male utilizing this product. For the past three years, I have been using the Buf Puf body sponges religiously. I started looking for anything else when I noticed that their prices were going up to absurd heights. When I saw these, I reasoned that the five-star ratings couldn't be false and that, considering the cost, returning them would not be the worst loss. I initially believed I had made a mistake when I opened the package and saw the sponges. They had the roughest, scratchiest texture of brillo. All I could think of was my skin being torn to pieces. However, the sponge softened to the point that it was smoother than my Buf Puf's after I got it drenched in the shower.The way it melted into my skin after using my body wash astounded me. Because it felt so smooth, I honestly didn't think it was exfoliating at all. I could feel the difference in my skin as soon as I finished drying off with the towel. I applied moisturizer (men's gold bond) because it's wintertime.

Mad Max

This will be unlike any loofah you're used to if you use plastic ones. I detest the pollution that microplastics cause on my skin. These are reasonably priced, and I greatly like natural things. When they get wet, they quickly inflate out from being shipped dry and flat. Although they are stiffer and rougher than plastic loofahs, they exfoliate significantly more effectively and make a fantastic suds. Like any natural product, it's possible that some husk or debris can flake off, especially after the first application. Rinse out in the sink before using for the first time if this worries you. However, natural fibers won't harm you, lol. I find it funny when people believe that plastic chemicals are safe but natural fibers and seeds are harmful. I simply take it with me to the shower and rinse it off after the first usage; it only takes ten to twenty seconds. I'm surprised that anyone would find fault with this. It will last for a very long time if you use the included hooks to hang it dry. Maintaining the unused loofahs dry and comfortable is crucial till


These are some pretty lovely loofahs for the shower that exfoliate. When wet, they swell up like a sponge and are fairly gentle to handle, but they also exfoliate. We used one, and I gave my boyfriend the bigger one so he could try a better skin care regimen. They are quite ergonomic and fit well in the hand.