“Over the years, people have been pursuing a greener lifestyle, and we challenge ourselves to develop more environmentally friendly products and understand the real needs of customers.”

China scrubber wholesale factory manufacturer supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Is situated in SuZhou, JiangSu province, a renowned Houseware manufacturing hub. We are a reputable provider and manufacturer of industrial kitchen scrubber, sponge scrubber, cellulose sponges and cleaning sponge. We always keep up-to-the-minute information on the latest developments in the fields of Houseware and trained to anticipate problems and avoid them in the dynamic process. Our products have got a good reputation and wide popularity all over the world, particularly in South Korea, Japan, US, Russia, Europe, etc. The company today has a skilled service staff, great service quality, and professional and secure technical service strength as a result of years of work and development. This enables it to provide users in various groups with ever-higher quality services. We consider genuine cooperation with you to be the highest honor and invite friends from all over the world to visit and communicate with us at any time.

People May Ask

What Does "Industrial Sponge" Mean in The HS System?

Can be used to declare exports.

What Is The Indu Trial Crubber H N Code?

exports of crubber and H N Code 8421 from India.

What Does HS Stand for for Cleaning Supplies?

Can be used to declare exports.

What Is The Floor Scrubbing Machine's HSN Code?

Import statistics including price, buyer, supplier, and HSN code for imports of floor scrubber around the world for the 8479 HSN code.

Are H Codes Present on Every Product?

For international hipment, a harmonised y tem (H) code is necessary. If you sell your products overseas, each one must have a H code. An H code is an internationally recognized six-digit code that is used to identify a product.

What Does Foam Crubber's H N Code Stand for?

Foam crubber import information and costs are provided by Zauba under H Code 63071090.

What Does PVC Scrubber's HSN Code Stand for?

HS Code for exports of PVC rubberDescription of the Hs Code Number of Shipments39269029 the other 170Other Vulcanized Rubber Articles, Other Than Hard Rubber, 401640169100 Mats & floor coverings 1836403 Shoes with Leather Uppers and Rubber, Plastic, Leather, or Composition Leather Outer Soles

What Does Crub Top's H Code Stand for?

hospital gown or crub made of paper pulp, paper celluloe wadding, or web made of celluloe fiber, item number 0020 -

What Does A Crubber Pad's H Code Stand for?

Harmonized y tem code: 76151040 Pot courer and couring or police glove, pad, and similar items.

What Does The H Code for Cleaning Mean?

The H N Code is 7323.H Code of Encoding G T%Iron Jali, tainle teel crubber 18%, 73231000 IRN/ TL WOOL, POT COURER AND COURING OR POLI HING PAD, GLOVE, and the like are among the products.

Scrubber Wholesale Products

With five interchangeable cleaning brush heads and an extension handle, the ACRIMAX Electric Spin Scrubber is a cordless floor scrubber that can be used to clean bathtubs, tiles, showers, kitchens, and other areas.

Twelve Pieces Bamboo Scrubber, Wooden Scrubber, Wooden Scrubber Wooden Scrubber Sisal Bristle Kitchen Brushes for Cleaning Dishes, Compact Scrubber Brush for Food, Pan, and Sink Fruit and Vegetable Cleansing

OstWony 12PCS Ultra Absorbent Cleaning Cloths, Kitchen Towels Dish Towels, Multifunctional Reusable Dish Cloths, Double-Sided Microfiber Cleaning Rags for Furniture, Vehicle, Tea, Bowl, 10x 6 inch,

Multi-Purpose Power Surface Cleaner with 3 Replaceable Cleaning Scrubber Brush Heads for Tile, Floor, Bathtub, Kitchen, and Pool with Electric Spin Scrubber and 360 Cordless Tub and Tile Scrubber

细纤维洗碗布 | 擦洗和清洁:餐具、水槽、柜台、炉灶 | 易冲洗| 可机洗 | 4 滶装(尺寸 25.4 厘米 x 25.4 厘米)

Ten pairs of luxurious black double-sided scrub wash mitts for bathing or showering - ideal for men and women - are spa-quality exfoliating gloves that remove dead skin cells.

For use in the bathtub, shower, tile floors, stoves, windows, and kitchens, use this cordless IPX6 waterproof cleaning brush set with nine brush heads and an electric spin scrubber.

发超细纤维洗碗布最好的厨房布清洁布带涤纶磨砂侧 30.48 厘米 x 30.48 厘米 10 件装白色

Chengu 80 扇丝瓜瓤散装海绵沐恴海绵,怂用于淋浴,丝瓜瓤,散装淋浴,淗浴,泡泡洗身体,网眼丝瓜瓤,去角质轓洗涤器,怂用于旅彫忏幤器,怂用于旅菌幊幤器,怂用于旅行兹广女快男士,20 克(混合颜色 )

竹制惗碗刷木制情抁刷套装厨房惗碗刷木腨惗碗刷抗刷带天愶剑溻刷毛用于家庭清抁擁攅平底攅椌甬菜(6 滶装)

Top Reviews


I had been wanting to acquire a spin mop, so when I found this item, I was overjoyed. That is not this; this is much, much more! My shower is all tile, and I detest cleaning it because it's small and has two sliding doors that make cleaning difficult. Usually, in order to clean the walls and floor, I have to enter the entire space. I can clean the inside of the shower while standing outside the doors thanks to this scrubber. You are essentially just holing it because it does all the work because it spins. It can also be used to clean flooring—I have hardwood floors.I wish I had received this much earlier!

huijing luo

This spin brush is the best fit for my wife, who stands 5 feet 6 inches tall, or more! 55 inches of total extension, including small, medium, and big heads for different uses. She has another one that is about 48 inches long, but she has to bend slightly to reach some areas in the master bath, which hurts her lower back. She thinks this model should not be bent at all! The package came with a shammy, a storage bag, an attachment to hang it on, and much more! Additionally, every head on this model may be switched out for any other model, and vice versa. It charges quickly and has two speeds. When using the HIGHEST speed, the charge seemed to last for a solid one to two hours on both the floors of our huge kitchen and both bathrooms! For washing cars, there's also a larger pad made of soft cotton. We have scrubbed tile, grout, vinyl flooring, bathtubs (including a sizable garden tub!), shower stalls, walls, and even siding outside using our spin brushes! Fantastic present idea for anyone who wants to do cleaning tasks quickly because it serves so many purposes.

Middle Sister

I couldn't be happier with this scrubber. For our tiled shower, the two speed motor and accessories are exactly what I wanted. We can damp clean all of our hardwood floors with the mop head. Yes, the hunt is finished.