“Over the years, people have been pursuing a greener lifestyle, and we challenge ourselves to develop more environmentally friendly products and understand the real needs of customers.”

China wholesale sponge company factory manufacturer supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Has been manufacturing kitchen scrubber, cleaning sponge, sponge scrubber and cellulose sponges ever since the company was established in 2015. Our company offers a wide variety of goods that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. We provide cargos to clients from all over the world, such as US, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Russia, etc. KARE's goal is to become the go-to source for Houseware while also realizing a win-win situation for both the company and its customers, as well as exceeding the expectations of its distributors. Our mission is to become an internationally recognized leader in the Houseware industry. For management, we adhere to the principle of "quality first, service first, continuous improvement and innovation to meet the needs of the customers," with "zero defect, zero complaints" as the quality objective.

People May Ask

How Do I Make Konjac Active?

When using konjac flour as a thickener, mix it first with a little cold water or other "watery" ingredients like soy sauce before adding it gradually (while stirring constantly) to the other components as they simmer. One cup of liquid will gel with around one teaspoon of konjac flour.

Konjac Ponge Is It Vegan?

A konjac ponge is manufactured from the Konjac ponge's fiber and is entirely sustainable, biodegradable, and vegan.

Is It Possible to Use Konjac Sponge without A Cleanser?

The konjac sponge should be soaked in water to make it soft and damp before usage. It can be used with or without a cleanser. A dried konjac sponge should never be used to cleanse the skin since it is too brittle and abrasive.

Where Is Konjac Ponge Produced?

Our velvety Konjac sponges are the best tool in all-natural, efficient skin care because they are gentle enough for even the most sensitive children and babies. Founded more than a decade ago. Our products are solely produced in South Korea, and we never use chemicals to speed up production.

Are Sponges Toxic to People?

There are a few species of sea sponges that contain crinitoxins that can cause irritation and dermatitis, despite the fact that the majority of them are safe and contact with them typically results in mild abrasion.

Chinese Konjac: What Is It?

konjac. noun [C or U] /kn.daek/ /kn.dk/ the herb itself or the swelling underground stem of a plant that grows in regions of Asia and is frequently used to add fiber to cuisine.

Are There Parasites on Sponges?

Sponges that had been injected with oocysts of Cryptosporidium parvum mimicked parasite protozoan contamination and showed that oocysts may pass through and get caught in the aquiferous canals of sponges. Aquatic matrices containing Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts and Cryptosporidium and Giardia spp.

Konjac Sponges Are They Safe?

A Konjac sponge is 100% natural and biodegradable in addition to cleaning pores and exfoliating skin. It is also claimed to be soft, making it suited for skin that is sensitive.

Chinese Konjac: What Is It?

A root vegetable called konjac is grown in some regions of Asia. It is well renowned for its starchy corm, a subterranean, tuber-like portion of the stem. The corm is used to create glucomannan, a valuable source of soluble dietary fiber. Both traditional medicine and food are made from konjac, including noodles and snacks.

Toxins Being Produced by Sponges?

For the first time, scientists have found that a common marine sponge has bacteria that specialize in the manufacture of harmful substances that are almost identical to man-made fire retardants. This study could help researchers better understand the effects these common additives have on human health.

Sponge Company Products

FReed Blue 全天愶泪漴木炭有机歔芋杢惨海绵 2 件装,怂用于深层、温和清洁和去角

The Beauty Shelves Konjac Sponge Set: Three Pieces of Pure Konjac Glucomannan Exfoliating and Cleaning Facial Sponges with an Easy-Grip Heart Shape for Sensitive and Delicate Skin - High-End Bath Products

The Naroa Natural Sea Sponge for Bathing is an eco-friendly, plastic-free, renewable sponge that is perfect for both men and women. It is an unbleached shower body scrubber puff and firm exfoliating bath sponge for healthy skin (small).

My Konjac Sponge Original Pure Facial Sponge with All Natural Fiber. Great for all skin types, even the most delicate ones. The Vegan Society and Leaping Bunny are both cruelty-free organizations.

6 pieces per set Konjac Sponge, Completely Natural Cleaning Element Natural Konjac Sponges: A Wet/Dry Skin Massage Tool that Effectively Exfoliates Deep Pores and Cleanses Delicate Skin (02#)

With two black and one white natural sponge, the CSM Organic Konjac Sponges 3-Pack is ideal for gentle exfoliation. It is a facial cleansing sponge that uses activated bamboo charcoal to clean pores, remove impurities, and exfoliate.

The Minamul Konjac Exfoliating Organic Facial Sponge Set comes in a five-piece set and is ideal for oily, dry, combination, or sensitive skin types. It is a gentle daily face scrub and skincare product.

Discover the 6 Pack Natural Konjac Facial Sponges.Charcoal, Turmeric, French Green, White Pink, and Purple are the top six colors in the Konjac Exfoliating Facial Sponge Set for Gently Cleaning and Exfoliating Your Face.

Konjac Sponge - 2pk | Natural & Compostable, Gentle and Efficient Exfoliation, Helps Leaving Skin Brighter, Softer, Smoother from Pacific Shaving Company

Charcoal, Turmeric, French Green, Red, and Pink Clay; Safe for Oily, Dry, Combination, or Sensitive Skin; Minamul Konjac Exfoliating Organic Facial Sponge Set | Gentle Daily Face Scrub/Skincare

The Reason for China's Lead Position in Conservation International

China, the world's greatest exporter and manufacturer of commodities, is commonly referred to as the "factory of the world." It continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is recognized as the largest. China has about 241 million agricultural laborers, many of whom are very dependent on the environment in which they live and work.

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My first baby would have benefitted from my learning about this sponge. We've used a lot of different types of natural sponges, and they were all disappointing—either they would become moldy or crumble apart after a short while of use. I chose to give this one a try since I was searching for a substitute. It's AMAZING! When it first came out of the bag, it had the appearance of a lightweight, scratchy pebble, but after being soaked, it expanded and became incredibly soft and squishy! My child adores it. I adore it. It is really useful that it comes with a little rope to hang it to dry. After a week of use, it still looks brand new and has no mold odor at all.

R. P.

Crying Out Loud's Natural Konjac Facial Sponges are the subject of this review. I've been using konjac sponges for a while, and these are comparable to the majority of them—in a nice way. After softening in water, konjac sponges can be used with cleanser or left unflavored for a mild exfoliation. Personally, I always use a Konjac sponge to assist me remove face masks, particularly clay masks, which can occasionally leave residue behind. With three sponges included, this bundle is quite affordable.


These are amazing Natural Konjac Facial Sponges. They work well on their own or in conjunction with a facial cleanser. Even if you have sensitive skin on your face, they aren't harsh. Instead of irritating your face, they leave it feeling clean. Once you've used them, rinse them out. Just be sure to give them enough time to dry completely to avoid mold growth. I simply let mine air dry.