“Over the years, people have been pursuing a greener lifestyle, and we challenge ourselves to develop more environmentally friendly products and understand the real needs of customers.”

China wholesale sponge manufacturer factory supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Established in 2015, with more than 8+ years. We have been specialized in the field of cleaning sponge, sponge scrubber, kitchen scrubber and cellulose sponges, and so on. We are a high-tech company integrated with research, manufacture and marketing. Through the combined efforts of every employee, KARE has successfully integrated appearance and performance to distribute its products to 15 countries and regions, including Russia, Europe, US, South Korea, Japan, etc. KARE has established itself as a leading manufacturer of Houseware. We respect knowledge and value skill at KARE. We strongly encourage the values of "quality first, customer first, and service first" while pursuing the concept of "People-orient, technical innovation, honest and practical," as well as customer oriented. When it comes to purchasing new Houseware, KARE is also quickly becoming the go-to source for savvy shoppers.

People May Ask

Scrub Daddy Sponges Are Produced by Who?

3M purchased the business in August 2008. Krause had developed a line of sponges that 3M was not interested in buying, so they remained in his facility. Krause cleaned his dishes and outside furniture using the remaining sponges five years later. Krause claims that at this point, he "realized his multi-million dollar idea."

What Is The Price of A Scrub Daddy Sponge?

In reality, with sales of more than $100 million, it is the most lucrative product in Shark Tank history. The precise size of Scrub Daddy's fortune is unknown. The company is estimated to be worth roughly $50 million, despite the fact that producing the remarkable sponge only costs about $1.

When Should I Use An Oily Family Member Toner?

Toner is a great supplement to your regular skin care regimen, especially if you have oily or acne-prone skin. The ideal moment to use toner is immediately following your normal cleansing routine. Toner can assist in getting rid of any extra filth and grime that your cleaner may have missed.

What's The Origin of Bathroom Sponges?

Animal bones make up the natural sponges we use for baths. Bath sponges are constructed of a highly porous network of collagen-based fibers called spongin. Cutting the expanding sponges, then soaking the chopped pieces in water until the flesh rots away, yields the skeletons.

How Many Sponges Have You Sold, Scrub Daddy?

$25 millionAaron currently holds the title of Shark Tank US's greatest financial success. His groundbreaking smiley-faced cleaning sponge Scrub Daddy has sold more than 25 million units, and the business is now valued at more than US$170 million.

How Is The Cleaning Sponge Made?

Vegetable cellulose, polyurethane, or polyester can all be used to make synthetic sponges. For their abrasive side, polyester sponges contain polyurethane. Dishwashing sponges made of polyester are more frequently used and are typically soft and yellow. During use, kitchen sponges may release microplastics and nanoplastics.

Can You Recycle Cleaning Sponges?

You can put 100% plant-based or 100% cellulose sponges in the compost or recycle bin. Sponge additives such as polyfill and two-sided sponges with a plastic scouring pad attached cannot be recycled or composted.

Should I Use Cotton Or My Hands to Apply The Toner?

Your cleaner will determine how much toner to use.Excerpt:Essentially, using a cotton pad to apply products will aid in removing residue. Therefore, the effectiveness of your cleaning technique should determine whether you choose to apply a toner with your finger or a cotton pad.

Does Using Micellar Water Require Me to Wash My Face Afterwards?

Does using micellar water require you to wash your face afterwards? Not at all! For you, micellar water does all the cleaning. On the other hand, micellar cleaning water can be the ideal first step in a double cleaning process if you're looking for a deeper clean.

Can I Skip The Toner If My Family Is Oily?

Have you ever questioned whether you may incorporate kip toner into your kincare regimen? The answer is yes! Before discarding this crucial tape, there are a few things to consider. First, toner can assist in removing any makeup, grease, or dirt that may have remained after your cleaner cleaned the item.

Sponge Manufacturer Products

Scratch-free Cleaning Scrub Sponges for Facial Scrubbing, Dishwashing, Kitchen, Bathroom, DIY Crafts, and More: Multi-Use Cellulose Compressed (6 Pack)

19ft x 6in x 0.3in (6m x 15cm x 8mm) Green Scrubbing Pad Roll Medium Duty Abrasive Scrub Sponge Scouring Pads Economy Size Hard to Scrub Stains Pan cleaning utensils stoves Vanity Sinks Grills

Pink multipurpose scrub sponges from Okleen. produced in Europe. 4.3x2.8x1.4 inches, 9 Pack. Heavy-duty, non-scratching fiber with no odor. Scrubber that is both sturdy and delicate for use in the kitchen, bathroom, house, and outdoors.

Circular and soap-shaped silicone dishwashing brush pad double-sided silicone brush for kitchen dishes, fruits, and vegetables, 8 Pieces Silicone Sponge Silicone Scrubber Dish Brush Cleaning Sponges

Dr.WOW 6pcs/lot Wizard Cleaning Carborundum sponge Eraser Nano Sponge Washing Kitchen Tool Sponge Brush Household Cleaning Supplies Emery Cleaner 3.94 * 2.76 * 0.98in

Ten Novokeep Sponge Cloths in a pack - Cellulose Sponge Dish Towel for the Kitchen - Assorted Colors - Strong, Eco-friendly, Biodegradable, Reusable, Odor-free, and Super Absorbent - Swedish Dishcloth

Delicate Pattern Lamp Shade Cleaner, Non-Washable Cleaning Sponge, and Sparkle Plenty Lampshade Cleaner

Eco-Friendly Disposable Cleaning Sponge Sheets from Simpleco - Roll Type Dish Scrubber Sheets - Plant-Based Sponges for Dishes - Paper Towel Format Sheets - 2-Roll

Sanding Sponge Block Sponges Blocks, VizGiz 3 Pack Furniture Buffing Sandpaper Pad Polish Sponge Home Cleaning Non-Scratch Scrub for Cleaning in the Kitchen, Bathroom, and Car Abrasive Grit Brush

Cleaning Reusable Sponges for Removing Dirt, Dust, Soot, Pet Hair from Window Shades, Artwork, and Other Surfaces, 4 Pcs. Lamp Shade Sponge

The Reason for China's Lead Position in Conservation International

China, the world's greatest exporter and manufacturer of commodities, is commonly referred to as the "factory of the world." It continues to be one of the fastest growing economies in the world and is recognized as the largest. China has about 241 million agricultural laborers, many of whom are very dependent on the environment in which they live and work.

Top Reviews

Sir Lancelot

Yes, I adore it. anything basic. Our household, like many others, stores water in reusable containers. Simple and practical. But occasionally, I fretted about how to clean things the best. Usually, all I would do is rinse with extremely hot water, but occasionally I would like to use soap to clean the interior. This works great, or at least gives me confidence that I'm cleaning the bottles effectively. The sound of the beans pressing against the side and moving up and down is audible. Simple to insert into the bottles and remove from them. What matters is that it improves my mood. Correct? :-)


Since getting these, I haven't used anything else. They're my favorite since they last a long time and can be used again. When I first came across them on Tik Tok, I decided to give them a try. To be completely honest, I bought them because I thought they were adorable, but in the end, they became my favorite cleaning tool. I have packs of them in my kitchen and bathroom. I use them to clean everything, including the fridge, stove, bathtub, and dishes. My glass top stove is not scratched by these, and they function flawlessly on any surface.

Carmelita Espinosa

These were my initial purchase roughly three years ago. Every day at work, I use two metal bottles: one for water and one for coffee or tea. For the past 2.5–3 years, I have cleaned the coffee/tea container with them every day. These not only eliminated stains that had been in some tumblers for years before I used these, but tumblers that were years old are still pristine and odor-free. From the moment I received them, these were placed on my sink caddy next to my sponge and dish brush. I came here to purchase a new set today because one of my two beans cracked open at the seam and the spheres fell out. They peered, but all they could see was the seamhole.