“Over the years, people have been pursuing a greener lifestyle, and we challenge ourselves to develop more environmentally friendly products and understand the real needs of customers.”

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SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. is a company located in SuZhou, JiangSu province. We have 8+ years experiences on Houseware. We devote ourselves to the development, research and production of cellulose sponges, cleaning sponge, sponge scrubber and kitchen scrubber in China for many years. Currently, our products are exported to Russia, US, South Korea, Europe, Japan and so on, which are world-renowned. We are making great efforts to develop fresh offerings that will cater to the varying preferences of our clientele. With our commitment to the principle of mutual benefit between the company and its customers, we have built a strong reputation among our clientele. Let us work together faithfully for common growth and prosperity!

People May Ask

How much time does a sponge need to grow?

The sponges grow to harvestable size over the course of about two years, and free divers routinely remove seaweed and other biofouling substances by hand. These sponges are treated naturally; after being air dried, they are put in baskets and brought back to the lagoon where they were first grown.

What distinguishes natural from artificial sponges?

Compared to synthetic sponges, natural sponges are more resilient and endure longer. Synthetic sponges are only effective for a very brief period of time before they start to break down and become infected with germs and mildew. Enzymes found in natural marine sponges prevent the development of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

What are sponges' waste products?

Uric acid, a nitrogenous waste product, is produced by uricotelic organisms. In sponges, diffusion across the body surface is the main method of excretion. Because sponges mostly excrete ammonia, they are ammonotelic.

Which device is ideal for mining sponges?

Obtaining. Hoes break sponges the fastest when compared to other tools, but either type of sponge can be mined by hand or with any tool, dropping itself as an item.

How much time can a sponge last?

Sponge living in deep water can live for hundreds or even thousands of years. Other creatures, such as numerous fish and invertebrates with significant economic value, benefit from the intricate environments that these living structures produce.

Which nation in the Caribbean exports sponge?

Cuban exports are on the rise, which is consistent with the improvement in the country's sponge beds.

How are sponges preserved?

Rub alcohol should be added to a soup pot big enough to accommodate the sea sponge. Put the soup pot's lid on after dipping the sea sponge in the rubbing alcohol. For 48 hours, keep the pot in a cool location.

What's the origin of household sponges?

In the past, sea sponge was used to produce kitchen sponges. The majority of kitchen sponges created today, nevertheless, are made of plastics like polyester or polyurethane. They are not biodegradable or recyclable.

How long should a sponge be used for?

After each use, wring out the sponges and wash them every other day. Although those are excellent habits to adopt, even a sponge that is frequently cleansed over time may still harbor bacteria. As a result, you should change your sponges every two weeks-or even sooner if they start to smell or begin to fall apart.

Why is Beautyblender a superior sponge than others?

The Beautyblender is also the most adaptable sponge we tested; it made it simple for us to apply various types of makeup. Although it's frequently used to apply foundation, you may also use this tool to easily cover a sizable area with powder, concealer, or even highlighter.

sponge wholesale manufacturer Products

China sponge wholesale manufacturer

Extra-thick S.O.S. All Surface Scrubber Sponge, 1 ct.

China sponge wholesale manufacturer factory

Scrubbers for multipurpose cleaning by Easy Well USA (Bubble Scrubber, 2P)

Wholesale sponge wholesale manufacturer manufacturer

Heavy-Duty Odor-Resistant Scrubber Sponges from Scrubex, 6 Count

China sponge wholesale manufacturer supplier

8 Packs of Dish Wand Refills, Replacement Sponge Heads, and Dish Wand Sponge Refill for Cleaning the Kitchen

Wholesale sponge wholesale manufacturer supplier

Sponges for Cleaning: Blue Turtle Dish Sponges - Multipurpose Kitchen Sponges - Multifunction Scrub Sponge Protects Nails and Fingers (Yellow) Remove Difficult Stains, Grease, and Residue

Wholesale sponge wholesale manufacturer

Simple Design Group Dual Layered Scrubby Paw - Multi Purpose and Heavy Duty Scour Scrubber - Non Scratch Cleaner Sponge for Household, Kitchen Sink, Dish Washing, Bathroom, Tile, and More - 6 Pack

sponge wholesale manufacturer factory

One Scouring Scrubbing One Absorbent Side, Abrasive Scrubber Sponge Dish Pads, Heavy Duty, Green Yellow (Pack of 14), DecorRack 14 Cleaning Scrub Sponges for Kitchen, Dishes, Bathroom, Car Wash

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3 PCS OstWony Silicone Dish Sponges, Super Hard Food Grade Silicone Sponges Kitchen Gadgets, Specially Delicate Kitchen Sponge Brush

Wholesale sponge wholesale manufacturer factory

Cleaning Scrub Sponge, Stink Free Sponge, Effortless Cleaning Eco Scrub Pads for Dishes, Pots, and Pans All at Once, AIDEA Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge, 24 Count

China sponge wholesale manufacturer manufacturer

Dual-Sided Kitchen Dishwashing Sponge, Multi-Use Cellulose Scrub Sponge by MR.SIGA, 12 Pack

Top Reviews

Microfiber Sponge for Kitchen (6 Pack) - Suction Cup Hook Included, Reusable, Washable Dish Sponges with Scrubber, Refills, Scrubbing Side, Non-Scratching, Multi-Purpose, Scouring

I finally discovered these, and they are the perfect size. I had been using ones that were similar to these for years and needed more. Both the washing side and the scrubbing side work quite well.Absolutely will purchase again!

Microfiber Sponge for Kitchen (6 Pack) - Suction Cup Hook Included, Reusable, Washable Dish Sponges with Scrubber, Refills, Scrubbing Side, Non-Scratching, Multi-Purpose, Scouring

In an effort to reduce my waste, I switched to these sponges. These have the perfect balance of hard and soft. They thoroughly clean all of my pans, and it's convenient to be able to toss these in the washer when they begin to smell. Traditional sponges and natural loofahs have odors that I have never been able to remove.

Shawna Jones
Microfiber Sponge for Kitchen (6 Pack) - Suction Cup Hook Included, Reusable, Washable Dish Sponges with Scrubber, Refills, Scrubbing Side, Non-Scratching, Multi-Purpose, Scouring

adore these To clean them, I either wash them in the washing or put them in the dishwasher. They clean up well. I adore that by reusing them, I am lowering our waste.