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China wholesale stainless steel sponge factory manufacturer supplier

Since its founding in 2015, SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Has worked in cleaning sponge, cellulose sponges, kitchen scrubber and sponge scrubber, etc. KARE is a seasoned manufacturer of Houseware with 8+ years of experience, based in SuZhou, JiangSu province. Customers from all over the world, including South Korea, US, Japan, Europe, Russia, etc, use our cargo services. No matter what you purchase from us, regardless of when your project is complete, we will continue to offer operation, maintenance, repair, spare part providing, improving, and upgrading services. You'll find a wide selection of products at our company, and we take pride in providing excellent after-sale support.

People May Ask

Does It Feel Crunchy Or Scratchy?

Fortunately, unlike porcelain or enamel, timber is resilient and not prone to chipping. A wide variety of household appliances use the highly resilient material known as timber. It does, however, scratch easily.

How Do You Use A Teal Crubber?

Apply desired preservative to the surface that needs to be cleaned, then rub the area with a scrubber in a circular manner. 3. Use clean water to rinse the area that has been scrubbed.

What Causes Timber Teel Damage?

Stay clear from br he and teel wool. Your teakettle's surface will be scratched, which will make it more vulnerable to rubbing and entertaining. The finish will get scratched and dull after using an abrasive cleaner. Cleaners and bleach containing chlorine taint and harm natural leather.

How Should A Wooden Spoon Be Cleaned?

In order to clean the ba ic ponge or a couring pad: The most efficient way to remove stains is with a fresh Cotch-Brite cleaning pad or sponge. A more persistent Dobie pad will be harder to use but will leave fewer scratches. We advise using the unflavored eighth generation natural deodorant liquid.

Are There Any Safe Courses?

Mild steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and even copper can be used to make metal courers. Metal cups should never be used in a space where food is handled despite the fact that they are very resistant to abrasion, sturdy, and easy to clean.

Can You Use Tea Leaves As Crunch in A Hower?

TAKE ON THE HARDEST JOB WITH EFFORT - Grease, filth, and baked-on stains on your grill, stainless steel pot or skillet, and baking sheet are easily removed using our stainless steel crubber. All right, the floor, the stovetop, the hower, and a lot more!

What Is The Name of The Metal Object?

A coring pad, also known as a corer, is a flat pad made of plastic or metal that is used for coring surfaces.

What Exactly Is A Teal Pong?

They can aggressively scrub and clean since they are composed of tightly coil steel wire. The e ponge are good for dishes that can withstand vigorous scrubbing and are perfect for cleaning grease and grime from pots, pans, baking dishes, and more.

What Should One Not Do When Entertaining?

DON'T: Use the Abraive verb.The finish on most stainless steel appliances is quite easy to scratch. Always steer clear of tools and cleaners with an abrasive effect. This includes oven cleanser, bleach, cleaning powder, teel wool, and ammonia.

What Use Do Tainle Teel Ponge Serve?

A steel sponge with a rough surface made to resist rust and corrosion can handle the toughest cleaning jobs. They are also great for cleaning grease and food that has baked onto your cookware, oven, or grill. They are lightweight for easy handling during cleanup.

Stainless Steel Sponge Products

20-piece set of stainless steel sponges with wool scrubbers Pad Scrubbing Pads for Dish Scrubbers Scrubber made of stainless steel Pads for Scrubbing Steel Kitchen Metal Scrubber Pot Scrubbers Home Household

Kitchen Wire Washing Balls, 4 pieces, Stainless Steel Scourer, Diameter: approximately 5 cm

Three-count (four-count) Scotch-Brite stainless steel scouring pads

Wool Scrubbers with Stainless Steel Sponges and Individually Wrapped Cleaning Sponges Heavy Duty Scrubbing Pad for Kitchen Cleaner Dishes, Metal Wire Scourer with Handle, Cooker-Random Color (12PCS)

ifeel 316L Stainless Steel Chainmail Scrubber for Cookware and Other Pots & Pans, Cast Iron Cleaner, and Scrubber (Size: 3-4x4; 2 Pairs)

6-piece, 35-gram AOSWTLIF Wool scourers made of stainless steel, a cleaning ball, a steel wire ball, and steel sponges for tough dirt, grease, and oil removal from pots, stovetops, kitchenware, and homes (medium-6 pieces, 35 grams)

The XXJXING 6-PACK Stainless Steel Scourers Sponges are made of steel wool and are ideal for cleaning difficult-to-clean surfaces including cooker hoods, stoves, and pots. The pack weighs 20 grams.

Stainless Steel Dawn Steel Mesh Scrubbers

12 Pieces Steel Wool Scrubber Scourer for Cleaning Pots, Pans, Ovens, and Grills Kitchen Sink Scrubber Made of Stainless Steel Steel Wool Pad Cleaning Twelve-piece metal scrubber set

Dutch oven cleaning with a 2-pack of cast iron cleaners made of stainless steel chain mail scrubbers and iron skillet scrub brushes. Wok Grill Pan Made of Carbon Steel, Herda's Chain Mail for Cleaning Castiron

Why Stainless Steel Sponge Is Important?

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Top Reviews

Laura Hellerman

I pretty much use my cast iron for everything. This is far more durable and cleans just as well as a stainless steel cleaning pad.

Kindle Customer

They appeal to me. They clean up nicely. In my opinion, I would choose one larger one over two smaller ones.


Excellent for sanitizing the Blackstone and cast iron skillets. No work at all is required! purchased extras to have in the camper as well.