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SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Was founded in 2015 and has 8+ years of experience specialized in sponge scrubber, cleaning sponge, cellulose sponges and kitchen scrubber. We are a high-tech business that combines research, manufacture, and marketing. We have developed global markets networks including a wide range of nations, which are including those in US, Russia, South Korea, Europe, Japan, etc and more. With the motto "Quality first, Customers first," we run our business to the highest international standards and make quality our top priority at all times. We look forward to working with you in the near future and to welcoming you to our facility at your leisure.

People May Ask

Are Sponges Used in Baths Bacterial?

The loofahs and sponges that we all know and love to have in our showers are the ideal environment for bacteria to grow, therefore they should be cleaned or replaced frequently.

Toxins Are Released by Sponges?

The research team then showed that by ejecting tiny cells, known as spherules, each containing up to 136,000 molecules, the sponges continuously created and released harmful substances into the surrounding water.

Loofah May Be Washed in A Washing Machine.

For utmost cleanliness, we advise a hand-washed bleach bath, though you can put a loofah in the dishwasher or washer (but not the dryer!). Just let the sponge sit in a weak bleach solution for five minutes before rinsing.

What Companies Compete with Scrub Daddy?

The rivals of Scrub Daddy are Kaivac, Evriholder Products, Libman, and Casabella. Scrub Daddy is ranked first among the 32 current rivals.

With Scrub Daddy, What Should You Avoid Doing?

In independent lab tests, Scrub Daddy failed to scratch glass, non-stick surfaces, stainless steel, wood, or plastic. In fact, it has been shown to be safe on almost all surfaces, but if you are unsure about your material, it is a good idea to test it out in a tiny, discrete area first.

What Shade of Sponge Is Ideal for The Bathroom?

Yellow sea sponges are the ideal way to organically clean yourself when used with either body wash or body scrub. Yellow Sea Sponges for the Shower or Bath: These organic sea sponges are ideal for daily use in the shower or bathtub.

Why Sponges Shouldn'T Be Used?

Many germs, like salmonella, are not harmful, but those that are can spread from sponges to hands, kitchen surfaces, and equipment and even infect people, he said. Because the sponge is moist and collects food particles that serve as food for bacteria, the bacteria proliferate quickly.

What Could Be Superior to A Sponge?

Dish towels made of bamboo make an excellent sponge substitute. They are significantly more environmentally friendly, robust, and absorbent. Since bamboo sheets can be cleaned and reused roughly 100 times, they are ideal for spills, dust, and a variety of other uses.

Without Bleach, How Can You Sanitize A Sponge?

If you don't have bleach, vinegar works just as well and is just as simple to use. Put the sponge in a bowl or other container that has been filled with white vinegar. After allowing it to stand for five minutes, rinse the sponge to remove the vinegar and let it air dry.

How Can I Smell Fresh without Taking A Bath?

When You Don't Have Time To Shower, Here Are 13 Ways To Smell & Look Good
Utilize dry shampoo.Apply A Baby Wipe To Remove.Apply a second layer of deodorant.Apply hand sanitizer beneath your arms.Use a fragrance mist to add some scent.Put on thick headbands or wraps.Put On Tinted Moisturizer Or Minimal Makeup.You should run a hair wipe through your hair.
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Wholesale Body Sponges Products

Tegeme 150 Pcs Exfoliating Gloves Bulk for Body Double Sided Shower Gloves for Women's Exfoliating Body Scrubber Nylon Colorful Bath Gloves Body Scrubber Mitt for Beauty Spa Massage Shower

Exfoliating Shower Gloves: 24 pieces - Double-sided bath gloves that deeply clean dead skin, ideal for spa massages, beauty salons, and body scrubbers.Twelve Different Colors

Contains 10 pieces of mesh bath sponges with random colors, soft bath shower loofah sponges, and colorful exfoliating scrubbers for kids, women, and men.

怂用于死皮 沐浴海绵 去맒质沐浴朲 6件装 HartFelt

Crovin 4 只装去角质网眼海绵–大号 5x7 高级丂瓜瓤淋浴刷男女适用 - 弹性手带身体刷,舒缓,清洁您的皮肤

Eco-Friendly Loofah Body Scrubbers with Natural Exfoliation, Shower Soft Puffs for Skin Cleaning Care

Bulk Assorted Colors 20 Pieces Loofahs Mini Shower Sponge Exfoliating Pouf Bath Mesh Pouf Lot Baby shower ball use

Bathroom Loofah Bulk Sponge Mesh Shower Ball Mini Loofah Travel-Sized Body Scrubber Exfoliator Shower Bath Pouf in Various Colors for Children, Women, and Men's Bathroom Cleaning

100 件去角质扐恴手套双面去角质沐恴手套尼澙彩色淋恴手套男士女士儿童美容水疗按摩淋恴深层清湁彫体皮傧抗拤器沐恴慍件, 13 种梜色

Dim Bath or Shower Sponge 各种颜色丝瓜瓤去角芨网丝瓜瓤迷你旅行淋浴泡泡彩色沐浴球沐浴露多色沐浴刷适合儿童女士婴儿(36 滶装)

Why Wholesale Body Sponges Is Important?

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Both the quality and the price are good. Because I need to make things for my business, I appreciate them. They are flawless. and shipped quickly


The item arrived in a very lovely package. was accurate in its description. distributing the loofahs as baby sprinkle favors. I adore the colors, and they fit the topic perfectly.


These loofahs are tiny. I purchased them so that guests could have their own loofah while they stayed over. Excellent for that purpose. Additionally, individuals adore using a loofah rather than a subpar washcloth.