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China wholesale car sponge factory manufacturer supplier

SUZHOU KARE HOUSEWARE Co. Is an expert in producing various types of sponge scrubber, cleaning sponge, cellulose sponges and kitchen scrubber. We have a cutting-edge production line, a processing facility, and several suppliers of precision parts, all of which can ensure that our goods will meet the highest standards around the world. Our products sell well in China and have been sold as far as to 15 foreign countries and regions, such as South Korea, Europe, US, Japan, Russia, etc. We appreciate your inquiry and will get back to you as soon as we can. In terms of management, we adhere to the tenets of "quality first, service first, continuous improvement, and innovation to fulfill the consumers," with the quality aim of "zero defect, zero complaints." At Quality First, Service First, Continuous Improvement, and Innovation to Meet Our Customers' Needs, we strive for "Zero Defects, Zero Complaints" in all that we do.

People May Ask

Do Car Washes Harm The Paint Job?

In reality, one of the most frequent causes of minor damage to a car or truck's clear coat or paintwork is automatic car washes and cleaning bays. Even slight problems at these sorts of facilities can cause scratches and abrasions in the finishes of your automobile, despite the fact that many automatic car washes are clean and secure.

How Can I Wash My Car The Way A Dealership Does?

16 Pointers for Getting Your Car 'Dealership Clean'Make sure your headlights are bright.Tip #2: Clean out the crevices and crannies.Tip #3: Use hair conditioner to condition your automobile.Use dryer sheets to remove insects from your automobile (tip #4).Tip #5: Use a sock to clean the cup holders on your car.Cleaning your floor mats is tip #6.More things...•

Is It Necessary to Wash My Car before Foaming?

Rinse your car thoroughly before you begin foaming it to reduce stress on your foam cannon and automobile! Rinsing your car will get rid of the biggest particles of dirt and debris, preventing them from becoming rubbed into the paint job.

Can A Car Be Foamed without Using A Pressure Washer?

Therefore, is snow foam usable without a pressure washer? In most cases, a pressure washer is used to apply snow foam, however other instruments might be utilized in its place. Similar results can be obtained using a foam cannon connected to a garden hose or a handheld foaming pump sprayer.

Is Car Washing at Home Less Expensive?

Self-service car washing is quite inexpensive. The tools, such the soap, sponges, and microfiber cloth, do cost money. Depending on how much water you need to wash your car, your water bill can go up a little. Self-service car washes are still less expensive than chain car washes over the long term.

Does Liquid Or Foam Clean More Effectively?

Foamless soap. Although foam soap is less expensive, liquid soap turns out to be far more effective in eradicating germs. In one study, researchers discovered that using liquid hand soap significantly reduced the number of germs on the hands.

Is Cleaning Your Own Car Less Expensive?

letting the experts handle it in a couple of minutes while you relax and take advantage of the free coffee. Bottom line: A home wash is unquestionably less expensive.

What Should You Avoid Using to Wash Your Car?

7 Mistakes People Make When Washing Their CarsEmploy a sponge.Use just one bucket.Use dishwashing liquid rather than auto shampoo.Never use wax.letting the vehicle air dry naturally.
not doing the under-wheel cleaning.allowing someone else to handle the laundry.

Before Cleaning Your Car, Should You Rinse It?

Before you wash your automobile, thoroughly rinse it to remove any loose dirt that can create scratches. Work your way down after beginning at the top.

Which Is Better, Dry Or Wet Waxing?

Should my hair be dry or slightly damp after applying wax? It's advisable to avoid applying wax to wet hair if you want to get your ideal hairstyle. Instead, you should dry your hair while shaping it into the fundamental shape of your chosen look. Apply the wax only after the hair is completely dry.

Wholesale Car Sponge Products

Tire Contour Dressing Applicator Pads, 12 Pieces by Frienda Wax buffing sponges with color for polishing Pads for applying tire polish Cleaning Sponges for Porcelain, Painted Steel, and Other Surfaces

Superior Pre-Moistened Dual-Sided Auto Cleaning Sponge with Shammy, AutoERASERSTM Immediate Detailing (3 Pack)

Yellow Round Car Foam Sponge Applicator Pads, 4-inch Super Soft Wax Applicator Pads, Sunnyglade 12 Pack, Pack of 12

uxcell Black 8 Shaped Universal Vehicle Car Cleaner Cleaning Tool Washing Sponge

Konpard Ultimate Car Wash Mitt - 2 Pack - High-quality microfiber chenille wash mitt - cleans glove, sponge, and car without lint or scratches (Green)

Chemical Guys MIC493 Chenille Superior Scratch-Free Microfiber Wash Mitt, Lime Green, 9.6" x 2.3" x 7"

Tallew 50 Pieces Auto Wash Soft Foam Sponge with Finger Pocket for Cars Buffing Detailing Cleaning (5.12" Diameter, Yellow Green Blue Dark Blue) Car Wax Microfiber Applicator Pads

21-piece detailing brush set, detailing kit, drill brush set, detailing brushes, buffing sponge pad kit, car wash kit, and cleaning tool kit for the interior, exterior, and wheels

Polishing Pads 9-to 10-Inch Buffer Bonnets, 9-Piece Waxers Bonnet Set Car Wax Cover Kit for Orbital Buffer Polisher - Includes 4 Microfiber, 3 Coral Fleece, and 2 Woolen Fabrics

VIKING Soft Vehicle Detailing Sponges, Yellow, 4.25 in. Diameter, Foam Wax Applicator and Cleaning Pads, 6 Pack

Top Reviews


I used my Ugg kit cleaner to clean my black Uggs, and it worked quite well. To get a better clean on the shoe, cut the sponge in half. Thick sponge that provides good cleaning.

Bruce Summers

Excellent Microfiber Sponges Don't Scratch or Damage Wint Patches


is perfect for 'wax on/wax off', doesn't leave swirl marks on my black car, doesn't shed lint or dust, and is soft and easy on the clear coat!